Let's Play Pinball! is now offering all new production pinball cabinets. For the discriminating collector this means having a fresh new cabinet free of any defects, stains, smells or other issues associated with a machine that has seen public use. For the hobbyist you can start your home restoration with anywhere from a Bare Bones wood cabinet which would be your "blank canvas". Or move up to the fully finished cabinet so you can focus your restoration on the playfield assembly.

Cabinet construction features high quality birch plywood and MDF as used by the original manufacturer. We have gone thru great lengths to reproduce these as close to original as possible. Panels are cut on modern CNC equipment, then hand assembled and finished.

Bare Bones: Means just that. You get a cabinet/head assembled in bare wood. Perfect for the enthusiast/ hobbyist that wants to restore his own game but just does not want to be bothered with the mess and aggravation of stripping, sanding, repairing and filling a damaged cabinet. The perfect “Blank Canvas” to begin a complete restoration.

Painted/Prepped: Cabinet and head are painted as per the game. Back of the head will be Screen Printed just as the original. We DO NOT use a decal or sticker. Ground Braid is installed following the same pattern as original using OEM style staples. New leg plates are installed as well as vent and speaker grills. Required ‘T’ nuts are also included.

Complete: This is our most complete package. With the addition of Artwork and siderails, this is about as good as it gets! Due to the price variances of available artwork, the listed price does not include the cost of the artwork. We can and will supply the artwork at the additional cost. We will also be happy to use your artwork if you have already purchased it.

Custom: Listed above are our three basic levels of construction. We are also happy to build any cabinet to any custom specifications as per customer request.

Bare Bones, Wood Only
Painted, Backbox Screened, Vent & Speaker Grills, Ground Braid, Leg Plates, T Nuts
Above PLUS: Apply Cabinet Artwork & Siderails (Does NOT include cost of Artwork Set)

Head, Bare Wood Only
Cabinet, Bare Wood Only
Head, Fully Prepared As Above
Cabinet, Fully Prepared As Above
Head Above PLUS Apply Artwork
Cabinet, Above PLUS Siderails, Apply Artwork
(Customer Must Supply Artwork For Seperates)

Doug Huse

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